Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Review: Pony grey contact lens

Let say.. i wear countless contact lens over 10 yrs!
Unfortunately, most of the series that i like aren't comfy at all.
Some of them irritating my eyes so bad. =[
Unless i found this one,


It is my super duper fav. contact lens!

It giving a NOT-TOO-OVERSIZE look and most importantly, it is pretty soft and comfort! =]

I got it from a night market at Siam Square in a prize of 150 baht/pair plus free contact lenses case. 
It is manufactured by Pretty lens with 1-Year life span.
Actually, i used to wear this series since it very first launched, about 2-3 yrs ago. 

It is a single tone lenses with the eff. of 17 mm.
Taking a look at the outcome, there's no doubt why i repurchase it. ;)


The grey color blend naturally into the eyes.
With light rim of grey, it gives a cute, dolly-eyed effect.

Adding lower lashes pretty help me become more alike JAPANESE girl. LOL

Don't get me wrong that I wear this heavy makeup everyday~ haha

I'll wear false lashes and heavy makeup only if there is party/event to be hit.

So if you're looking for a NOT-TOO-BIG contact lenses with visible color, 

PONY GREY is highly recommended. 


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